Jumbosan Machinery

About Us

JUMBOSAN was founded in 1991 as a family company. It started swarf production with CNC machines. As a result of divided the companies in 2010, ıt’s been contınued as JUMBOSAN MACHINE.

In our organization, we have defence industry(partnership), laser cutting workshop(partnership), import and export of bronze-aluminum and the own production facility of the spare parts of machines. Also we have the mold workshop for bottle glass(partnership).

On the other hand, we have sale operations to South and North America, Europe, Russia, Middle Asia, Africa, GCC (Gulf Countries , we have a parnership in Oman).The most important thing in our company is vision, quality team and quality partnership vision.

Moreover , except the production facilities, with the office of export , JUMBOSAN CO. provides its products and services to its customers in many point of the World, at first the Latin America, Russia, Middle East, Eastern Europe.

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What our CEO says?

With years of experience, we stand behind our specially produced products. Because we produce our products with the right raw materials, high technology and superior experience. We’re the best in bronze pieces, especially in this industry.
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